About Me

I'm Parimal Satyal, a Paris-based designer/geek who enjoys cosmology, dark beer, the open internet, metal music and foreign languages. is where I share my thoughts on technology, culture, music, design and language.

I studied interactive media and foreign languages (French, Chinese and Italian) at Hampshire College in the US and went on to do a Master's in Communication at Sciences Po Paris. I work currently work as user experience consultant in Paris.

When I'm not appreciating good beer, I'm probably playing my guitar, cooking something, reading about how our universe might be a hologram, learning German or just watching episodes of a BBC comedy panel show.

Neustadt, or newcity in German, is a common name for towns in Germanic regions. According to Wikipedia, there are over 20 in Germany alone. It is also the name of a very nice Kreuzberg-esque café in the New Town Hall in Prague that has a piano that anyone can go and play.

Free and Open Source

I built using Metalsmith, an open-source node.js-based static site generator. If you're interested, you can read my beginner's guide to creating a static blog with Metalsmith .

This website is also open-source and shared with an MIT license. You can access the Metalsmith back-end (and all the source files) on this public GitHub repository. You are free to reuse the code in any way you please. is served over Nginx on an Ubuntu linux machine running on a Digital Ocean droplet in Frankfurt.

Accessible and Privacy-friendly can be accessed from pretty much any device connected to the internet and able to read HTML: laptops, tablets, smartphones but also old text-based browsers like lynx, screen readers and e-book readers. I favour native HTML elements to external resources and have deliberately kept all pages light and as free of dependencies as possible.

This website does not store cookies, does not track you, does not pass on your referrer information forward, does not hijack your scrollbar for 'immersive experiences' and does not abuse your network bandwith. No share buttons, no Google Analytics, and no direct YouTube video embeds. Why? Because I believe it's important to fight against an increasingly user-hostile web.

All connections to this domain are also encrypted, thanks to Let's Encrypt.


Email: parimal[snail]neustadt[.]fr
PGP key fingerprint: 12C2 B4AA 2589 6160 F6DC C3F6 C801 D31A 523D A56F

Twitter: @parimalsatyal

I live in Paris. If you'd like to talk in person, I'm usually up for coffee or beer.